Released 4th December 2015

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Tweaked :
Minor tweaks regarding Arma3 v1.54 stamina system.
Minor improvements to Geigers rad exposure display.
Added Geiger feedback when consuming Anti-Rad pills.
Tweaked Loot generation (should increase FPS in towns).
Tweaked Radiation levels for drink items.
Changed classnames of various food & drink items to allow easier code manipulations.
Slightly increased maximum spawn distance for hostile infantry.
Minor changes to the loot lists.
Minor changes & optimizations to the rad. functions.
Tweaked wild life spawn costs.
Player's animation speed is now tied to the weight of his gear.
Tweaked food consumption effects.
Updated zombies hitpoints config for Arma3 v1.54.

Fixed :
AI failling to engage zombies after Arma3 v1.54 update.
More fixes to the sleep menu.
Geiger display was unable to process several Radiation triggers at the same time (failling to display the overall rad.exposure as a result).
Radiation Exposure increasing over 100% when eating/drinking.
Script Errors on manually placed Radiation triggers with no active Radiation Module.
Various fixes to Radiation handling regarding protective gear.
Nutrition level decreasing too fast.
Adapted Nutrition & Hydration depletion rates to the new stamina system.
AI team mates should be more reactive whenever one of theirs is being attacked by a zombie.
[RHS] Wrong camo & desert AK variants being used.

New :
Syphoning fuel now requires a hose.
Player can gather raw meat from various animals (Rabbits, Sheeps & Goats, Chicken) - WIP.
Raw meat can be cooked at fireplaces (or any fire source).
Hose, Meat & Gutting Knife models & textures by Giorgygr.
Canned food items require a can opener, a knife or tools to be consumed.
Consumed canned food give an empty can wich can be used to drink water.
Irradiated water containers can be purified with water purification tablets.
Water sources can be depleted and will need time before they're available again.
Arma2 wells tagged as water sources.