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v.0.1.34 (20/12/2015)

Tweaked :

  • Added more weapons, uniforms & vehicles from RHS Mod.
  • Added more uniforms from WarfareThai Mod.
  • Removed a few high-end uniforms from NPC loadouts.*
  • Minor tweaks made to the demo mission.
  • Various changes to the loot system.
  • Buildings will only spawn loot once a day.
  • Tweaked Fatigue configuration.
  • Several changes to zombie attack animation & handling.
  • Zombie damage resistance has been toned down a bit.
  • Minor tweaks to Status Display.
  • Re-wrote hunting system : double-click on a knife from your inventory to gut a nearby animal.

Fixed :

  • Fixed several calculation errors with zed LOS.
  • Wrong building model replacement causing issues with zeds stuck inside.
  • Radioactive zones sometimes spawning around NPC camps.
  • Minor fixes to the Zombie Spawn system.
  • Player unable to gather fuel from most fuel pumps.
  • Groaning sounds when injured weren't disabled for all voice profiles after the Nexus update.
  • [RHS] Fixed an error in the weapons loot list.

New :

  • Zombies have a small chance to grab the player's backpack when attacking from behind.
  • Added a few safeguards & debug logs.
  • Zombies can't spawn when there's a human nearby.**
  • Fixing wheels now requires spare tires (but doesn't consume toolkits anymore).
  • Fuel sources hold a limited amount of fuel and can be depleted.
  • Added suport for Sigma6's Birds & Bees.

*Note to mission makers : lvl2 & lvl3 uniforms no longer exist.

**It is possible to permanently secure a small location by ordering friendlies to hold it.