v.0.1.351 Hotfix (6th April 2016)Edit

Download from Google Drive

Also available on Armaholic and PlayWithSix


  • Zombies were not spawning in a hosted game. Only affects multiplayer games that are hosted on a PC.
  • Fixed a few errors with Status display and Radiation.

v.0.1.35 (5th April 2016)

Download from Google Drive

Also available on Armaholic and PlayWithSix

Tweaked :

  • Major improvements were made to zombie pathfinding. Zombies can now anticipate their target movements.
  • Improved zombies reaction to gunshots.
  • Reduced movement calculation costs for zombie hordes.
  • Improved zombie spawns in the wild.
  • Darter UAVS spawned by the AI module are now equipped with a rifle.
  • Tweaked zed sounds.
  • Tweaked Irradiation rate and antirad pills potency.
  • The vehicles module doesn't damage occupied vehicles anymore.
  • Repair system overhaul.
  • Tweaked optional color correction.
  • Recruited units have a small chance to run out of ammo.
  • Zombies have better chances to grab the player's backpack.
  • Replaced a few building models.
  • Disabled church bells.
  • Spawned Repair trucks can no longer be used to repair other vehicles.
  • Reduced Refuel capacity for spawned refuel vehicles.
  • Tweaked Nutrition level for cooked meat and other items.
  • Tweaked zed attack range and timing.
  • The Altis Demo mission now uses Ravage modules.
  • Removed a bandit camp from the Demo mission.
  • Tweaked Zed population on the Altis Demo mission.
  • Added Storm template to the ambient weather system.
  • Removed days counter for now.

Fixed :

  • Players could run indefinitely while wearing a Gasmask.
  • Fixed a critical error regarding activation conditions of dynamic triggers.
  • Zombies would sometimes deal multiple damages with a single attack.
  • Zombies didn't ignore roads, preventing them from going straight to their target.
  • Fixed a potential error with custom damage handling.
  • Fixed several errors with irradiation rates.
  • Several fixes to the Geiger numerical display.
  • Zombies were not always chasing the closest known target.
  • Zombies not moving for a few seconds after spawning.
  • Probabilities calculation errors preventing zombies to spawn.
  • Disabling Sun Influence in the ambiant zombies module didn't have any effect on spawn chances.
  • Added missing Arma2 buildings to the Loot spawn system.
  • Geiger numerical display was off-screen on certain resolutions/screen formats.
  • Zombie sounds not working in MP.
  • Custom vehicle textures were not applied in MP.
  • Fixed several background functions to run in MP.
  • Disabled "Rest" actions in MP.
  • Fixed an error when drinking from water sources.
  • Various bug fixes & tweaks.

New :

  • All modules except zombie hordes are now MP-compatible (WIP).
  • Added a Multiplayer character save system.
  • Added MP Saves Manager (scenarios/ravage).
  • Added survival supplies in Editor props.
  • Ravage is now compatible with ACE medical system.
  • New Toolbox and Meat models & textures by Giorgygr.
  • Added vehicle caching system (Place down a vehicles module to automatically enable).
  • Added support for a few vehicles from RDS_A2port.
  • Additional zombie sounds by Evil Organ & Bad Benson.
  • New infected skins by Bad Benson.
  • All files have been signed.