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Tweaked :

  • Changed Group Merge function to avoid conflicts with mission design.
  • Bandits now spawn in armed vehicles only.
  • Optimized rad exposure processing.
  • Improved compatibility with non-stock or misconfigured terrains for various modules.
  • Optimized zed LoS calculation.
  • Zed vision is now affected by smoke & particles.
  • Zombies can now chase & attack occupied land vehicles, small boats & helicopters.
  • Tweaked weapon spawn for the intro of the SP demo mission.
  • "Sun Influence" affects runners spawn chances when the zed module is set to spawn both types.
  • Tweaked fatigue config.
  • Added new formations to bandit squads.
  • Disabled "OpenBag" action.
  • Players loading a MP save can be identified with the "mp_saveLoaded" variable (WIP, more infos soon).
  • Various UI tweaks.

Fixed :

  • Fixed Visual feedback for Radiation sickness.
  • Fixed "'author/' is not a value" error.
  • Fixed scripts errors generated by the Ambiant AI module.
  • Zombie modules causing freezes during loadings after 1.60 update.
  • The zed spawning system could exceed defined population limits.
  • Multiple RPT errors regarding zed animations.
  • Crash when spawning ATM or other buildings wich are disabled.
  • Pitch black nights after Arma3 1.60 visual upgrade.
  • Feedback for zombie attacks not working in Arma3 1.60.
  • Zombies had a higher target priority than armed soldiers.
  • Fixed an issue when entering vehicles with a chemlight attached.
  • Attaching a chemlight now works in vehicles.
  • Gathering water from wells on CUP/AiA terrains.
  • Gathering fuel from CUP/AiA fuel stations.
  • Fixed calculation of max zombies per player.
  • Fixed a potential issue with zed spawn distances.
  • Zombies were not running towards gunshots.
  • Missing parts from the Vehicle repair menu.
  • Disabled a few AI functions potentially conflicting with vanilla behaviour.

New :

  • Zombies are available in Editor units (BLUFOR>zombies).
  • New "Equipment Pool" module to define wich mods are to be used by the AI & Loot system (WIP).
  • New animations & configs for zombies (thanks to Bad Benson!).
  • New zombie models.
  • The zombie module now allows users to define uniforms to be used by infected.
  • Added throwable flares.
  • Added a Car Patrols setting to the AI module.
  • Added a Radioactive Waters setting to the survival module.
  • Added a Radioactive Rain setting to the survival module.
  • Added a Hunger & Thirst rate setting to the survival module.
  • Added a population factor setting to the Ambiant AI module.
  • Added tutorial hint to MP Saves Manager scenario.
  • Added support for CUP units & weapons.
  • Players can now scavenge intact wheels from vehicles.