14th July 2017. Version 0.1.44

Download from Google Drive


Tweaked :
Slightly increased Antirad potency.
Most player idle animations are disabled.
Reduced fog base parameter for the Tanoa demo mission (should prevent excessive fog changes ingame).
Slightly increased zed staggering animation speed.
Increased max world count for rabbits on Altis.
Rabbit fleeing behaviour.
Tweaked Ambiant Life configs for Stratis.
Tweaked Color Correction Filter to be brighter by night.
Spawned units have a small chance to be equiped with a RPG launcher.
Range detection for zombie attacks : should allow them to actually attack most vehicles.

Fixed :
Hunger and Thirst sometimes getting stucked after a respawn.
Survivors spawning above ground level.
Fix for safe zone and zed blacklist modules.
Fix another potential issue causing off-center aiming.
Fixed an issue causing rabbits to have a human head floating above them.
Fix for several errors caused by players death.
Fixed : briefing was disabled in the 28years scenario as it would crash the game.
Fix for decreased health when resuming a MP save.
Fixed missing notification whenever a new MP save is created.
Fixed an exploit with Weapons Traders.
Fixed an error causing traders to have an empty inventory.
Fixed : the Loot Module no longer checks for buildings when only the Search action is enabled.
Fixed : spawned vehicles would produce explosion sounds.
Fixed : graphical issues with airport lamps after the Malden update.
Fixed : deployed firecamps floating above ground.
Fixed : spawned wrecks sometimes floating above ground.

New :
New idle and walking zombie animations from the Breaking Point mod.
New optional sub-mod : Ravage CUP (WIP, disables most artificial lights).
Added ambiant Crowes, Kestrels and Eagles on Altis (courtesy of EO).
Added a new shop type : gear (clothes, vests, headgear, goggles).
Added support for PMC uniforms from CUP units.
New module setting allowing to limit wrecks spawns to empty vehicles, static wrecks, or both.
Support for HD3 gasmask.