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Tweaked :
Looting with HoldAction is now a bit faster.
Spawned zeds have a small chance to become dormant instead of loitering.
Tweaked zed damage output.
Moved AI spawn process to unscheduled environment.
Minor optimization to the breathfog script.
Edited clutter cfg for Altis, Stratis and Malden.
Tweaked RHS loot lists.
Increased nutrition value for raw meats.
Eating raw meat doesn't heal anymore.

Fixed :
The Loot Search feature would stop working after respawn.
HoldActions now work in 3rd person view.
Fixed an issue with zed spawns on dead players.
Breathfog was visible on hidden units.
Fixed an issue with spawned empty vehicles.
Wounded zombies were sometimes unable to move.

New :
Support for all gazmasks from the w40k mod.