Upcoming release of Ravage. No ETA yet.


Tweaked :

Zed pathfinding updates should execute a bit faster.

Reduced unnecessary zed pathfinding updates.

Minor optimizations to zombie AI.

Tweaked list of lootable props.

Removed Land_Box_Sack_F from loot containers lists (added as lootable prop).

Positioning of spawned vehicles and wrecks.

Wrecks are now spawned as simpleObjects.

Edited gear lists for NPCs.

Added a new default uniform to zombies.

Fixed :

Zombies had trouble updating their pathfinding when in large groups.

Zombies were able to detect deployed mines and explosives.

Vehicles and wrecks spawning on top of each others.

Spawned wrecks sometimes sunk into the ground.

New :

Added an Ambient Conversation setting to the AI module.

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