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Tweaked :
Ushankas from IFA3 removed from the "Altis" preset.
AI units now have better "hearing" when it comes to zombies.
Max number of mines before clean-up was increased from 20 to 100.
Refactored and optimized Zed LoS process (WIP).

Fixed :
Added missing renegade identities cfg.
Cached vehicles could end up with duplicate actions.
Fixed an error preventing objects from spawning loot daily.
The Loot module now deletes old fireplaces, and forgotten bedrolls and tents.
Fixed a potential issue when cancelling repairs or scavenging vehicles.
Caching system for spawned vehicles and wrecks was broken.
Distance check before deleting AIs is now proportional to max AI spawn distance.
The "noVoice" profile was missing breathing sounds.

New :
Added asian renegade faces.
Zombie screams can be pitched up or down via module.
Zombie damage output can be adjusted via module.