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Special note from Haleks: No major fix this time, but I did add a new feature : it's now possible to define custom weapons lists to be used by the NPCs and the Loot System. 3 new paramaters have been added to the Equipment Pool module for this : Common Weapons, Military Weapons, Rare Weapons (the names might change). Just enter the classnames for each category, and the module will do the rest. Those classnames arrays will be added to existing lists if the module is set to use weapons from any of the supported mods, if not they will simply override the list of vanilla weapons, allowing 100% custom weapon pools. "Common Weapons" will be added to Civilian Loot and any NPC spawned by Ravage, "Military Weapons" - well you can guess - also added to all NPC gear, and "Rare Weapons" will spawn in military buildings too, but you won't find them on renegades or lone survivors.


Tweaked :
small updates to the ambient furnitures system.
APERS mines added back to military loot lists (survival category).
Removed launchers from lone NPC loadouts.
Ravage no longer retextures vanilla buildings.*

Fixed :
fixed an issue with the ambient music feature.
some variables generated by the loot system weren't correctly deleted.

New :
Mission makers can define Weapons Lists for both the loot system and NPC gear (Equipment Pool module).

* note : At this point, only a few military structures were being replaced. Removing those replacements won't have a big impact visually and it will improve compatibility with 3rd party terrains. (Another mod is being worked on though, and it will feature a completely ravaged Altis.)

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