Released 6th of May 2018

Download from Google Drive

And now... for the first time, officially... on the Steam Workshop

Tweaked :
Improved gore FX on zombie melee attacks.
Improved audio feedback when hit by a zombie.
Improved target range detection for zombies.
Vehicle patrols set to limited speed mode.
Major optimizations to most background scripts/functions.
Spawned UAVs are set to send targeting data.
Spawned UGVs are set to receive targeting data.
Spawned UGVs patrol radius adjusted to AIMinSpawnDistance.
Revised 'UAV protocol'.

Fixed :
Zeds are now correctly set as instigators of their attacks.
Spawned drones deletion radius adjusted to AIMaxSpawnDistance.

New :

Added a special "rvg_meleeAmmo" for future scripted melee system.