Updated on Tuesday the 9th of October 2018

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Ravage Apex
Ravage Cup

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Tweaked :

  • AI Group spawn process.
  • The "Altis" demo mission is now a bit less difficult.
  • Various tweaks to the Autowalk system.
  • Added Mine Detector to military loot.
  • Minor tweaks and optimizations.
  • Furniture such as fridges are tagged as "food only" containers.

Fixed :

  • Zombies can no longer hit targets in "semi Open" vehicles (they will attack the vehicle itself).
  • The Autowalk script would stop working after resuming a saved game.

New :

  • A ton of new gear items by EO.
  • Added 2 new guerilla uniforms.
  • Added a new, hardcore demo mission called "Dust".*
  • Added a "No head" face.

Added a new rebreather vest.

Note : The Dust Scenario inludes new features :

  • Zombies can alert each others when a target is spotted.
  • Dust Storms are frequent : cover your mouth when outdoors.
  • Particle effects based on Alias Cartoon scripts.
  • Spreading Infection : as time passes by, some NPCs have greater chances to spawn as (lootable) zombies.