There are many AI units to be encountered around the map; they can be hostile or friendly. AI units have unlimited ammunition (as of 0.1.34). AI units tend to have one weapon, a small amount of ammunition, an equipment item (compass, watch, etc), general items (documents, notebooks, etc), food and water. They will usually have a backpack.

Enemy AI / Bandits Edit

Bandits can travel alone or in groups of up to four or five. There may be several group in an area at any one time.

They will open fire on the player
Enemy AI 1

Those must be friendly bullets they're firing at me

when they spot them. Bandits will also fight zombies and be attacked by them. A common way of detecting their presence is hearing them shooting at zombies.

Friendly AI Edit

There are some AI units that are friendly and can be recruited to join the player. Friendly units travel alone and can be found all over the map, although there are certain areas where they are more commonplace. When a player is close to a friendly unit, the action 'Recruit' will appear on the mousewheel menu. When recruited, friendly AI units will follow the player and shoot at hostile units. They can be commanded in the standard ArmA manner.

Recruited units will have an icon in the bottom left of the screen. They can be selected with the function keys (F2 for the first unit, F3 for the second and so on) and given orders through the mousewheel menu or through the map.

If a friendly unit is order to remain in an area, that area will continue to be simulated whilst the player is off somewhere else.