Common questions and answers about Ravage Edit

A lot of people ask a lot of questions about Ravage and many of them have already been answered in the original Bohemia forum post. But that's a very long thread and it's difficult to find what you're looking for.

Save game is grayed out after saving once?

Use the save function available in the radio menu. Playing above "Regular" difficulty limits the player to one save per mission.

Can you turn off zombies?

No. You can edit the game files to remove zombies (click here to be taken to the article about editing), but there's no switch or option to turn them off apart from that.

Can you turn off radiation?

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Survival System Module

Yes, in the editor place down the "Survival System" module. Here you can turn radiation on and off, make the water radioactive and make rain radioactive.

Can you build a base?

There is no function in Ravage for base-building (as of 0.1.35), but there are plans to add it. You can use the EDN Fortification add-on (click here to go to the Armaholic page about it). It apparently works quite well, but it hasn't been fully tested, so you may experience errors. Or it might work just fine.

Are there other maps available?

Ravage is designed to be a framework. The included Altis mission is intended as more of a demonstration, rather than a complete mission. There are no other official Ravage mods (as of 0.1.34), but there are some unofficial ones and it's quite easy to make your own - it's what Ravage was designed for. Click here to be taken to the article about map editing. Click here to be taken to the page of unofficial Ravage map ports.

Can I use Ravage with other mods and addons?

Yes. Not all mods are compatible (ACE doesn't work, as of 0.1.34), but many are. Click here to be taken to the page about mod compatibility .

Is there a MP version?

Not yet but there is one in development now. You can follow the progress [[1]].

How to use gut knife?

You can use the knife by double-clicking on it in your inventory; if there's a dead animal nearby, your character will perform the gutting action, otherwise you should see a small notification.

I drove into town and there is no loot, how come?

This is more a script/game engine limitation rather than a problem with Ravage a way around this would be to abandon the hot and heavy approach into town hit the gas on the outskirts of town, preferably high ground, park up, plan out a route, then raid the town on foot gives the loot spawn script time to kick in.

Can I create my own custom mission?

You can create your very own Ravage mission using the modules that come with the demo mission here is a very helpful video that explains how to set-up your own Ravage mission.[2]