There are a variety of different types of food in Ravage although none of it is plentiful. The plague that overtook mankind happened some time ago, so all the obvious sources of food have been picked clean. Food is only found in civilian buildings and in the inventories of AI units.

Tinned foodEdit

Tins need a tin opener in order to get at the delicious goodness inside. There are different types of tinned food giving different amounts of nutrition. Rusty food cans contain the least nutrional value and tactical bacon the most.


You can hunt wildlife and obtain meat from it if you have a gutting knife. At the moment (as of 0.1.34) there are only rabbits on Altis, because that's the only wildlife there by default, so they're the only animals you can hunt. When you have a gutting knife, approach a dead rabbit (you have to be very close) and double-click on the knife in your inventory. After a brief animation, some (uncooked) rabbit meat will appear on the rabbit's body.

Rabbit meat needs to be cooked on a fire prior to eating it. It doesn't spoil and you can store it indefinitely.

Hunting rabbits can be difficult as their location is random and they can be hard to spot through the grass and undergrowth. A large flat area gives you the best chance to spot rabbits easily.