The Ravage mission on Altis is just a demonstration of the Ravage framework. It's quite easy to port it to other maps. Some people have done this and added new features and abilities.

The Escape Edit

Escape zpspysut5ga
Forum page and download links:

Author: cosmic10r

Current version 0.1 (6th April 2016)

Like with the original Escape Altis, this mission is all about escaping, uh... from Altis. You will spawn in with your buddies relatively unarmed with default kit. Some have a gun... some don't... It's up to you to gather the equipment you need and make your escape by boat.

Maps supported:

  • Altis

Additional features:

  • Escape mission
  • Four map variations (vary by escape point location)
  • Camps
  • Airdrops
  • Vehicles
  • Crash sites
  • Temperature system (by Bad Benson)
  • Selectable starting time

HOMO HOMINI LUPUS Escape RAVAGED Winter Chernarus Edit

Forum page and download links:

Author: tourist

Current version 1.0 (23rd April 2016)

Single player or up to12 player co-op survival roleplaying mission. Play as a small group through an adventure challenging you to show if you're ready to stand by your friend's side or rather choose to abandon one of them in the face of mortal danger...

Maps supported: Chernarus Winter

Additional features:

  • Play in the snow-covered wasteland of Chernarus Winter – snowstorms included!
  • Further enhanced by usage of Bad Benson's immersive script suite tailored for RAVAGE:
  • Temperature system makes campfires an absolute necessity
  • Random Helicopter/airplane crashsites, vehicle spawns and airdrops make every playthrough different even in SP
  • Detailed briefing expanding throughout the mission progress
  • Custom music a-plenty!
  • Make your way through an all-out hostile winter nightmare to escape from this 'White Hell'
  • Possibility to choose from various loadouts and respawn locations in MP
  • Two different win endings depending on your success and playstyle as a loner or as a team and also depending on your decision to do or leave aside the optional objectives
  • Four standard versions to choose from: NoACE with and without zombies, ACE with and without zombies
  • And additionally the ultimate challenge: ACE with zombies and the ACE AI unconsciousness active – NOT for the Faint of Heart! Downed zombies will come back to life if you get too close to them and will only die for good after several minutes – this will make you jump out of your seat even more then playing normal RAVAGE already does!

Ravage DayZs on Esseker Edit

Ravage DayZs on Esseker
Steam page with download links:

Author: jimmakos

Current version: 16th April 2016

This is a single player mission on Esseker with AI camps and strongholds and some interesting ambient features like civilian hideouts, extra animals and dynamic weather.

Maps supported:

  • Esseker

Additional features:

  • 2x time acceleration (Ravage is 4x by default)
  • Only walkers (roaming) zombies,10% of crawlers (usually 1 crawler in the horde), graveyard hordes (increased hordes happening on the graveyards behind churches).
  • Rabbits and chickens (on specific locations) as ambient animals,snakes are deleted completely(+fps gain).
  • New dynamic real weather script,dynamic random ground fog happening from around 17pm to 8am.
  • Rain FX visual enhancements and ambient air heli and planes traffic,patrols using tpw mod scripts.
  • Disabled breathfog (interfere with ground fog).
  • No vehicle wreck spawn (Esseker has many already),hand placed vehicles (RHS,Civilian) across map,usually devastated with a chance of 25% of intact vehicles.
  • Only one central radiation zone.Zone centered on Intusdrial Esseker area.
  • Survivors strongholds, territories camp (Blufor,Opfor,Independent,"Civilian") with bonus inventory items and intact vehicles
  • Random start up gear with the chance for virtual gear if you visit the northernmost camp in the map.
  • Several locations on the map have been fortified,locations are cleverly picked and fortified to help where the action strikes.
  • Many POIs to visit across map,something like civilians apocalypse getaways with radios playing news about virus spread,places where you could rest,eat and sleep as well.

Ravage DayZs in Bystrica Edit


Author: jimmakos

Current version: 22nd April 2016

Roam and survive the highly irradiated wilderness of Banská Bystrica fighting for your life among other survivors chased by the undead.

Maps supported:

  • Bystrica

Additional features:

  • 2x time acceleration (Ravage is 4x by default) .
  • Only walkers (roaming) zombies.
  • 10 random start up points.
  • Ambient animals roaming across map (chickens,goats,sheeps etc) using tpw mod script.
  • Dynamic weather and weather transitions every 40 min,dynamic ground fog happening from around 18pm to 6am.
  • Rain FX visual enhancements using tpw mod script.
  • Disabled breathfog (interfere with ground fog).
  • Disabled color post process effect.
  • No vehicle wrecks spawn, hand placed vehicles from RHS:AFRF across map,usually devastated with a chance of 15% of intact vehicles.
  • High radiation zones and chances to get irradiated across the whole map.
  • Predefined start up gear.
  • Immersion tweaks using voipers scripts (map brightness,need of light for lit up map,disabled textures etc).



Forum page and download links:

ROADZ (ROADS with zombies) forum page and download links:

Author: rsoftokz

Current version 0.0.5P (22nd January 2016)

Maps supported:

  • Altis
  • Chernarus
  • Chernarus Winter
  • Chernarus Summer

Additional features:

  • No zombies (see above for ROADZ - with zombies)
  • Runs in real-time (Ravage default is x4)
  • 14 randomised spawn points for all maps
  • Players can mount chemlights on their equipment
  • Modified locations (to simulate a world of survivors) e.g. more than 4000 added objects on Chernarus - not visible on maps though
  • Bandit camps
  • Bandit bases
  • Fortified fuel stations (on Chernarus maps)
  • Bandit patrols everywhere
  • Survivor-style quadbikes (rare)
  • Atmospheric effects - never ending sand storm on Altis, snow fall on Chernarus_Winter.
  • Environmental and contextual equipment effects. e.g. NVGs are mostly damaged due to radiation
  • NVG can't use scopes nor iron sights to aim
  • Enlarged gearlist for bandits
  • Specific winter uniforms for Chernarus Winter map (requires Tryk and Massi's mods) 
  • New loot system (you can search in most trash piles in Altis and some world objects in Chernarus maps)
  • Rearm function for vehicles
  • Mission ported to Chernarus map for CUP terrain pack and Chernarus Winter A3 maps.
  • SMA weaponry compatibility
  • Random type of patroling helos with KYO MH-47 Mod and all Special Forces Massi's mod UH-60

Ravage - A MissionEdit

2016-01-04 00003 zpsy5nhuv9d
Forum page and download links:

Author: cosmic10r

Current version vRC01 (6th January 2016)

This is a story-based mission that has you searching for a device created by Doctor O Neil which is causing the infection on Altis. You are searching for his laptops so you can triangulate the position of the device. There are lots of side missions and story elements.

The mission comes in several variants, so you can choose to play with faster or slower zombies, without fog, etc.

Maps supported:

  • Altis

Additional features:

  • Mission Score.
  • Random goal locations
  • Random insert locations and team mates (from no teamates up to 3)
  • Random extraction location
  • Bandit camps (will be marked on your map when you find the Intel photo associated with that camp - you cannot find them before that)
  • Random civilian side missions.
  • Save a Soldier and Recruit side missions
  • Bandit Cache side missions

Ravaged Esseker Edit

Ravaged Esseker

Steam page and download links:

Walkers only version:

Author: Cyphas_Cayne

Current version (18th March 2016)

Ravaged Esseker is Ravage on Esseker. The mission is updated as Ravage is and provides similar gameplay to the Ravage Altis mission, but on a very different landscape.

Maps supported:

  • Esseker

Additional features:

  • Crashed helicopters

Doctor XEdit

Armaholic page and download links:
Doctor X

Author: PnK2 a.k.a =A3SM= Petar

Current version: 1.3 (5th November 2015)

You are looking for a mysterious man known only as Doctor X. He is rumoured to be the man who started the contagion and he is also thought to have the antidote. It's up to you to find him and bring him back.

The Doctor X mission can be played as a sinlge player mission (no respawns, but you can save) or as a multiplayer mission (no saves, but you can respawn).

Maps supported:

  • Altis

Additional features:

  • Multiplayer (up to 5 players)
  • Home base

Revenant: Ep 1. HomecomingEdit

Armaholic page and download links:

Author: intothevoid

Current version: 1.0 (20th October 2015)

This is a short story-based mission that serves as an introduction to a planned campaign based on Ravage. It requires several other mods to be installed.

Maps supported:

  • Altis

Additional features:

  • No random bandits (bandits are in pre-progammed locations)
  • Story elements

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