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Latest Ravage update Sunday 17th December 2017. Version 0.1.47


Ravage is a mod framework for ArmA 3. It comes with sample missions set on Altis and Tanoa, but has been developed to make it easy to use almost any map (requires the use of the editor). There are many other missions created using Ravage, many of which can be found on the Steam Workshop . Ravage itself is not on the Steam Workshop, so you will have to install it manually.

Downloads Edit

  1. Download the latest Ravage build here (also has changelogs)
  2. Ravage requires CBA in order to run. You will not be able to save and load without it. Click here to go to the CBA page on Armaholic. Or click here for the CBA page on the Steam Workshop.

How to install Ravage Edit

Here's a video showing the installation process:

How to install Ravage (0.108:29

How to install Ravage (0.1.36) on ArmA 3

Included missions Edit

Three missions are included with Ravage. The first is set on Altis and is based on open ended survival. Since 0.1.37, there is also a Tanoa mission included. You must own the Apex DLC for ArmA 3 to be able to play the Tanoa mission. It can be enabled from the launcher through use of sub-mod options. If you don't have that available to you, then you can enable it manually by moving a file. Click here to read a guide covering that. Another demonstration mission is now included with Ravage. It is set 28 years after the outbreak and is task-based, rather than open-ended survival.

Beginner's guideEdit

Ravage is very difficult and it can often be hard to get going. Check out the Beginner's guide for some tips on how to start playing. See also Controls and actions for detailed coverage of the controls.

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