The world has been ravaged by the White Plague. Similar to the Cordyceps fungus, it causes infected people to lose control of their bodies as the fungus controls them. The virus has a fatal effect on women, leading to the deaths of 91% of females (hence no female zombies). Governments have tried to prevent the spread of the contagion by using a range of weapons including nuclear. Many areas across the planet remain affected by high concentrations of radiation.

The story of Ravage is based on The White Plague by Frank Herbert and Ravage by René Barjavel.

In the White Plague, a molecular biologist goes insane after his wife and children are killed by an IRA bomb. He creates a plague virus that only kills women which he releases in Ireland, England and Libya - the countries he blames for the death of his family. He demands that the governments of the world send the citizens of the responsible countries home to face the same fate as him. Civilisation breaks down in the affected countries and they fall to roving gangs of thugs. Convinced that the protagonist is in Ireland, the governments of the world plan to wipe out the infected countries to kill him and end the threat.

Ravage (Ashes, Ashes in English) concerns a future civilisation that suddenly loses electricity. Society crumbles almost instantly and everyone is left to struggle to survive. Disease becomes rampant and everyone is soon starving and dying. The story follows a group of survivors led by François Deschamps who leave Paris believing the countryside will be safer and offer more opportunity. Accordingly, they head to Provence where they plan to instigate their own patriarchal society, led by Deschamps.

In the Ravage mod, you're a lone survivor. You wake up in a wrecked truck full of dead men. You don't know who they were or who you are. You're in unfamiliar land and whatever fate has befallen it, it clearly happened some time ago. There's very little food or water to be found and there are groups of armed men travelling across the landscape. There are former people stumbling around like zombies who will attack you on sight. There may be some friendly survivors around, but you'll have to find them and persuade them to join you.