Traders are units that buy and sell gear. They can either be static or wander the map. 

1. Place down the Ravage AI module.

2. Place down a unit. (preferably a blufor or civilian)

3. Add this code to the init of unit...

this setVariable ["isTrader", "rvg_arms_s", true];  // this is for an arms trader
this setVariable ["isTrader", "rvg_gear_s", true];  // this is for a gear trader
this setVariable ["isTrader", "rvg_supplies_s", true];  // this is for a supplies trader

If you want the trader to remain static, uncheck Enable Simulation. (found in the unit's Objects: Special States)

Their stock will remain the same until you've spent some time (and distance) away from them. In Ravage 0.1.46, if you stay 250 metres away from them for 30 minutes (real time), then they will replenish their stock. Haleks is planning to reduce this time delay in Ravage 0.1.47

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