Unfixable wreck

There are vehicles scattered throughout the landscape. Many are completely wrecked, but some are in a
condition whereby they can be fixed. Most vehicles you'll come across are cars, vans and trucks, but there are some helicopters that can be found too.

There aren't any tanks or heavily armed vehicles, but you can find technicals (small flatbed trucks with a machinegun mounted in the back). There are also a couple of helicopters that are armed with machine guns and rockets. Ammunition is limited and vehicles cannot be rearmed (as of 0.1.34).

To fix a vehicle, you will need a toolbox. Toolboxes have a limited number of uses before they're used up. If it's a land vehicle and there are wheels missing, you'll also need tires - one for each wheel. It can be difficult to carry enough tires to fix a large vehicle.

Jerry can
You'll also need fuel. You can find jerry cans with which you can carry fuel. Jerry cans can be found full or with
some fuel in them. If you have a hose, you can siphon fuel from other vehicles and fuel tanks that you can find at various locations. Fuel can also be found in the most obvious places - petrol stations.

Some of the enemy forces are in possession of vehicles. These are mainly technicals, but there is a helicopter patrolling the skies.

You can store items inside a vehicle, but there is a limit.