Water source 2

A water source normally found in urban areas

Water is a very limited resource in the Ravage version of Altis. You have a hydration level indicator in your inventory. If that gets too low, you will start dying. You need to keep an eye on your hydration levels and collect water to keep you topped up.

Water can be found in many places and in a few different forms. You can even find empty containers that can be used to hold water.

Name Hydration regained Reusable? Radioactive?
Bottle of dirty water Yes Yes
Bottle of water Yes No
Canteen Yes No
Canteen (empty) Yes No
Empty bottle Yes No

There are a number of different water sources that can be used to fill suitable containers. Approach them, open your inventory and double-click on the container. If you are successful, the container will fill with water.

Water source 1

A water source that can be found almost anywhere

Water sources can be found in almost any location on Altis. Some tend to appear more in urban areas. These water sources can be contaminated by radiation , meaning any water they dispense will also be radioactive.

Water sources can be depleted and will not be available again until the next day.

Last update: version 0.1.34